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11 Apr 2019

Worship Pastor/Director

Calvary Fellowship Downingtown


Job Description

PASSION STATEMENTWe are seeking a passionate follower of Jesus who has a raw heart for God to lead a people that have not been worshiping all week and who do not show up ready to worship. We just want people to come looking for a sacred space where we are led to be met powerfully by the Holy Spirit of God. We’ve observed that the worship experience people long for is the one that they had when God was moving most powerfully in their lives. We want that week to be this week… every week… a moment when we expect God to show up in each of our lives. Our Lead Worshiper will understand that theology (our understanding of God) will lead to doxology (the praise of God).

Worship Pastor/Director

Status: Full time
Reports to: Lead Pastor

The Worship Pastor/Director will point people towards Jesus through music by overseeing the vision, planning, execution and overall quality of the worship gatherings. The successful candidate will be responsible for leading, developing, and facilitating engaging and meaningful Christ-centered worship experiences. The Worship Pastor/Director must:
• Have proven experience building teams as well as developing volunteers
• Be able to serve in a dynamic, multi-generational, and multi-ethnic congregational setting that represents the mission, vision, and interests of Calvary Fellowship and its philosophy of worship.
• Lead by example, and cultivate a positive spirit throughout the church family
• Represent Christ and His church well in the community at large
• Be a team player and follow the biblical model of sacrifice by being willing to put the needs of others in front of their own
• Be positive and supportive of the Core Values and the Vision of our church through all actions

As with any position at Calvary Fellowship, each employee is part of a team, which means we all pull together during crisis times, special events, and when visible projects need done. Duties for this job could change at anytime.

• Plan, rehearse, lead inspiring worship for weekend and special event gatherings
• Recruit, audition, and onboard new musicians
• Oversee the full time Production Coordinator for audio, video, and lighting systems for weekend and special event gatherings.
• Work with pastoral leadership on planning and executing communion, baptism, child dedication, and other special events.
• Oversee the spiritual health, growth, and development of the team
• Lead, invest in, develop, and coach paid staff (Worship Coordinator, AVL Staff, Interns)
• Work directly with the pastoral lead team to execute the strategy, core values, and the Two-Cross mission of Calvary.
• Take on other assigned tasks as requested or where a need is observed
• Carry a “yes” attitude and a “whatever it takes to help make the rest of the team successful” mentality

• Worship Development & Culture
• Development of other worship leaders

Role Model in Personal Life:
• Model the qualifications of an elder (1 Tim 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9, 1 Peter 5:1-4).
• Model biblical community in his relationships (Matt 5:23-24, Matt 18:15-17, Eph 4:25-32).
• Model biblical family life before the body (Eph 5:22-6:4).
• Model biblical integrity in all things (1 Tim 6:11-12).

• Must have 2 years experience in ministry, in a large church or organization.
• Understanding of Scripture
• Be musically proficient (have an understanding of basic music theory) and be able to lead vocally.
• Have the ability to coach and lead a band.
• Have the ability arrange the service flow.
• Have a working knowledge of, or willingness to become proficient in, Planning Center, Pro Presenter, Basecamp, Yamaha Audio Consoles & Dante Systems, Vari-lite, Martin, Clay Paky, MDG Lighting, Clear-Com and RTS Matrix Systems, Apple Hardware and software.
• Have the ability to read lead sheets.
Important skills/personal traits
• Have the ability to communicate, lead and engage with the congregation from a stage setting.
• Be self-motivated and able to work independently, while also being able to function cooperatively as a member of a team.
• Align with the vision, values, and doctrinal statement of Calvary Fellowship.

Worship videos MUST be submitted along with resume to:

As worship lead, you’ll work with a team you recruit and train along with paid staff that you or the Production Coordinator lead. You will create teams to lead each aspect of the ministry. Every leader at Calvary is “under authority” and this position will work with and report to one of our executive pastors. Our senior pastor is very available, incredibly supportive, and coaches the worship of the church. Calvary’s staff has a minimalistic meeting culture with approximately two required meetings a month. Departmentally there is a weekly zoom meeting at 7:00 A.M. on Mondays with the service planning team. Our daily rhythm begins with a half hour of prayer as a team.


Downingtown finds itself in a malaise of religious cultures. To the west the Amish/Mennonite and their traditions have existed for generations. To the east there is a strong conservative Jewish population. An enormous influence in our local area is the Catholic Church which has a rather nationalistic mindset such as “I am an Italian Catholic.” That type of religious identity saturates our area. However, the majority of the people locally are not even thinking about church or religious themes. They are highly educated, professional people who work long hours and spend the rest of their time taking their children to sports, dance, or music lessons. Our community is predominately between the ages of 30 and 55. Our church reflects that age range and is even more racially diverse than our local area with people coming from many countries and cultures in the world.

Those who visit our church for the first time immediately notice a racially diverse and welcoming place. At its core, the church believes that absolute truth is found in the Bible. They observe that the gospel is shared weekly in each environment and does not focus on a list of moralistic behaviors but rather faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

We are located an hour west of Philadelphia and an hour east of the Harrisburg and the beautiful farmlands of Lancaster County. Chester County (ours) consistently ranks as one of the best counties in Pennsylvania to live, raise children, and retire. Downingtown is easily accessible by major highways, has much new housing being currently built and is considered a hub of economic growth and development.

Calvary Fellowship is Non-Denominational and averages 1200 in weekly attendance in two services. It is poised for growth as it is considered a regional church of influence with effective youth and children’s ministries as well as great events.

Staff Profile

Calvary is a Pastor-led church led by six full-time pastors. Our 7 elders (including the Lead Pastor who leads the paid staff) oversee the ministry of the church. We also have full-time directors and coordinators as well as part-time staff in each of the departments. You can expect to find a warm, collegial atmosphere among this driven team.

Service Profile
Instruments Used: Guitar (acoustic and Electric)/Bass/Drums/Keys (acoustic and or Electronic) other instruments as needed.
Average attendance for the worship gathering: 1200

• Do you sing hymns? We often will sing a hymn, but most would not recognize it as such do to the fact that it is done in an up to date way.
• How many songs do you usually sing at the worship gathering? 3-4
• How many minutes do you typically spend singing in worship? 30
• How far in advance does the team expect to receive a list of songs, chord charts, and recordings? 2 weeks
• What is the typical schedule for the worship gathering? (order of worship) Song, Song, Offering, Song, Sermon, Song, Announcements.
What is the typical arrival/departure schedule for the people serving at the worship gathering?  Call time 7:30, Run through 8am, 9:30/11am services, depart around 12:30
• Describe the audio system. Top of the line digital setup. Yamaha CL5 console, Clair i218 line arrays, DANTE network. Wireless Shure ulxd mics.
What software do you use to project lyrics? Pro Presenter 6
• How do the lyrics get put into the computer (by whom and by when)? Lyrics are in Pro P Wednesday by AVL Coordinator
• Describe your worship style. Contemporary
• What usually happens at rehearsal? Worship team sets up at 6:30-6:45. Rehearsal starts at 7pm and runs till around 8:30p. The team runs through all the songs for the weekend, stopping to work out issues as they go.  We record one clean take of the full song, as a reference track for the team to practice to before Sunday.
• Are there any special considerations we should know about? n/a
• What is the pastor’s vision for the worship gathering? What is a “win”? A focused time of putting our attention on Jesus which includes easily sung memorable songs, prayer and times of reflection.
• If there is communion is served, what is the worship leader/team’s responsibility? The current worship pastor often leads the congregation in communion.
• What does the sanctuary and platform look like? (include pictures) The sanctuary is rather large, with a balcony at the rear.  The stage is approx. 20′ deep x 32′ wide. There is a 24′ projector screen upstage center. We have a lighting grid approx. 17′ above the stage, lighting all the musicians and leaders. The sound booth and lighting/graphics is in the back center of the auditorium.

Theology Profile

Calvary is very conservative in its doctrinal beliefs (see doctrinal statement on website). While not Charismatic or Pentecostal in doctrine, the church often mirrors that in tradition in worship minus tongues etc.

People Profile

Because of the local demographic, the average age in our church is between 30 and 55. Because of the strength in that age group, our church has a sizeable children’s and student population with the opportunity for even greater growth. We have a small population of those between 20 and 30, as many in that age range move away for entry level opportunities. Many who retire in our area move to Florida, but we do have a nice contingent of seniors.

Vision Profile

We exist to reach our community for Jesus and to help those who have put their faith in Jesus grow up in him.

Our values:
1. We are a people of the Book
2. Character trumps Competence
3. We are a generous people

How to Apply

Apply at: For more information: Email Dave Helmuth at


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Job Categories: Music Ministry. Job expires in 21 days.

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