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16 Nov 2018

Associate Pastor

Talbot Bible Church

 Easton, Maryland, United States
Type: Full-Time

Job Description

Talbot Bible Church (TBC)
Associate Pastor


Associate Pastor is a full-time, paid, member of the church staff.
The Associate Pastor reports to the Senior Pastor.

Scope of Work: Engaging/Evangelizing, Equipping/Establishing, and Administering (2/3 Vine*, 1/3 Trellis*)

Engaging/Evangelizing is the part of the ministry which is “Vine” oriented and can best be understood via Romans 1.16. Engaging/Evangelizing includes interacting with the lost world from local to global, from our church-community yard sale to our global outreach, “Well Spoken”, in Kazakhstan.

1. Together with the Elder team, organize events with the specific goal of engaging unbelieving friends of TBC members.
2. Develop pathways to move engaged unbelievers toward hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ by various means.
3. Conduct evangelism training events for members of TBC.
4. Maintain a personal example of engaging with unbelievers and evangelizing seekers within personal sphere of influence.

Establishing/Equipping is the part of the ministry which is also “Vine” oriented and can best be understood via Colossians 2.6 – 7, Galatians 4.19 and 2 Timothy 2.2. Establishing/Equipping includes helping with the recruitment and training of Growth Group leaders, leading Growth Groups, helping with the assessment of members and attendees in their maturation in Christ and helping them take the next steps on their “Journey from Root to Fruit.”

1. Together with the Elder team, participate in launch of Growth Groups to be aimed at building a disciple-making culture through speaking God’s Word to one another.
2. Routinely teach the New Members class with the Senior Pastor.
3. Plan and lead seminars and/or courses designed to equip members of TBC to be faithful “abiders” of the Bible and disciple-makers in their home through Bible reading. (John 8.31, 32)
4. Together with the Senior Pastor, identify and train mature men for eldership at TBC.
5. Maintain a personal example of establishing believers and equipping potential leaders within personal sphere of influence.

Administrating is the part of ministry which is “Trellis” oriented and can best be understood via Titus 1.5a. Administrating includes managing of personnel, both staff and volunteers, maintaining policy guidelines, and helping with the stewardship of space and resources.

1. Personally encourage, help equip, and manage all part-time staff and volunteer leaders, while meeting with them and ministry teams regularly.
2. Help recruit new ministry leaders when necessary.
3. Ensure coordination of space assignments and room usage.
4. Assist the Senior Pastor with employee hiring, training, and evaluation.
5. Be an active member of the TBC Finance Advisory Committee.
6. Ensure all volunteers and staff members meet requirements for positions as required by TBC policy.
7. Work with the treasurer on budget issues and annual financial review.
8. Be responsible, along with the Senior Pastor if necessary, for all part-time personnel in regards to work-related issues.
9. Attend Trustee Meetings and assist them in completing assignments as needed.
10. Help establish church policy and procedures, and maintain records.


1. The Senior Pastor will meet weekly with the Associate Pastor to encourage and empower him to fulfill his ministry.
2. The Associate Pastor will attend Elder meetings.
3. The Associate Pastor will be called on to preach at times needed as determined by the Elders.


1 Tim 3.1 – 13 and Titus 1.5 – 9
Will agree with and sign doctrinal statement of TBC (found at
Will meet “Requirements of All Officers” under Article 5 of the TBC Constitution*.
Ministry related degree.
Prior experience in church ministry is preferred.
Will understand and accept our Vine “manifesto”*.

Salary – Commensurate with experience.



“*” – see below

“Vine” and “Trellis” are terms from the books “The Trellis and the Vine” and “The Vine Project” from Mathias Media.

Constitutional Statement

Requirements for All Officers
1) Elders must be members in good standing and must meet the Scriptural requirements in 1 Timothy 3.1-7 and Titus 1.5-9. Deacons must be members in good standing and must meet the Scriptural requirements in 1 Timothy 3.8-10, 12 – 13. Deaconesses must be members in good standing and must meet the Scriptural requirements in 1 Timothy 3.11.
2) The offices of Trustee, Clerk, and Treasurers may be filled by qualified members of either sex.
3) They should be faithful attendants at the regular services of the church.
4) They should be faithful givers to the church.
5) They should be evangelistic and missionary in spirit.
6) They should be fully cooperative with the church, its pastor, staff, and spiritual program of advancement, restraining from destructive criticism and willing to settle all difficulties in a quiet Christian manner.
7) They should keep in secrecy those things which are not to be discussed with others.
8) They should actively support all church activities and programs in so far as they are able.
9) They should live a consecrated Christian life, bringing no reproach by their conduct on the church or the cause of Christ.
10) They should maintain a positive attitude in the things of the church and the Lord.

Vine Manifesto – Out of love for Jesus and obedience to Him, it is the joy of all believers to make disciples by learning, living, sharing and proclaiming His Word, to everyone, everywhere.

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Job Categories: Pastoral Ministry. Job Types: Full-Time. Salaries: 40,000 - 60,000.

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